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Gepard Garn



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This yarn is made from a very special wool, the wool of an ancient breed of Italian sheep, Merino Gentile Puglia.

Sheep and lambs graze mainly between fruit trees and olive trees in organic plantations and in extensive areas.

Woolia is spun from the wool of lambs and sheep of the original Italian Merino breed. This breed lived and lives today in a small local area around Puglia, Italy. Puglia is the original habitat of these sheep, making it much easier for them to stay naturally healthy. This form of sheep breeding and grazing is the most sustainable form of wool production. It is environmentally friendly and offers the best living conditions for sheep and breeders.

The breeders sort the wool themselves and sell it directly to our spinning mill. This way the farmer gets a better price for the wool and we know the product down to the small individual flocks of sheep.

Composition: 100% organic merino

Yardage: 50g = 132m

Needle: 4 - 6mm

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