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My name is Jette Frøkiær and I am the designer of the patterns ONION Collection and Kids Wear by ONION + I am the creative part of the company ONION ApS today.
I got the idea for the patterns while living in an apartment in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. I felt that there was a need for a pattern product that had a simple cut in the Nordic style, and at the same time was easy to use. During 1996-1997 I worked with the idea and ONION was then established in 1998.
In the beginning there were many problems and it took an incredible amount of patience and perseverance. My storage was in skunks around the apartment and in fact, I cycled around to shops in Copenhagen with the patterns while I still lived there.

ONION has since evolved to include yarn and accessories. Especially our yarn side, now with 100% NATURAL FIBER YARN, within the sustainable genre.
It is a very exciting process to develop these yarns, which we develop in co-operation with an Italian quality spinning mill. The yarns are developed especially for us based on our criteria of quality and sustainability. We also develop our own colourways for the yarns.
It gives us great satisfaction to be a supplier of quality yarns with environmentally friendly consideration - yarns that are good for you, your loved ones and our environment.

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